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Weekend Chairs Winston-Salem Chapter          THE MOLES
Greetings from the Weekend Chairs of The Moles 2013 Conclave to be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on June 20-23rd!!  We are simply filled to the brim with excitement.  We can’t wait to host you in the City of Arts and Innovation - Winston-Salem. Imagine allowing the Arts to stimulate your senses as you experience all that The Winston-Salem Moles have planned for you.  Our theme is “Arts with an Attitude!”  We won’t spoil the surprises, but know that this will be a Conclave to remember.  This chance only comes once in 30 years! We’ve got the hot sauce ready at the host hotels The W-S Marriott & The W-S Embassy Suites, that are connected by an inside, carpeted sky walk.  Events will be held in both hotels, so you select your preference.  The nearest airport is in Greensboro, approximately 30 minutes from Winston-Salem. All you need to do is grace us with your presence, bringing along your sassy Moles’ artistic flair. We’re looking forward to dipping you into some of the warmest southern hospitality you’ll ever experience! Sincerely, Mole Lisa Caldwell and Mole Pat Hickman Weekend Chairs - 2013 Conclave Winston-Salem Chapter of The Moles Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Chairs Mole Lisa Caldwell, Chair