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Truly the chapter lived up to the Motto of The Moles, “Enjoy Yourself, it’s later than you think.”  When national proposed that we, as Moles, consider making contributions to local and community groups, Winston-Salem heartily supported the idea.  Not only did the chapter give financial support, but time and talent as well.  Moles and Mules are now represented in every segment of the City’s Life; Religious Organizations, Law, Banking, Education, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Allied Medical Fields, Social Services, Real Estate and Brokerage, Law Enforcement and the Performing Arts.  Several agencies of the City and County governments are all recipients of the unselfish involvements of Chapter Members. A Supplemental Scholarship Award has been established at Winston- Salem State Univesity in honor of our founder, the late Mole Elva V. James. A donation is given to a different nonprofit agency each year to assist indigent families during the holiday season.  Just as other groups are known by specific activities, our chapter is known for its presentation of The Madhatters’ Ball, a fantastic and unique social event. At present, the membership numbers twenty-nine (29), though they may carry several other membership cards, none equals the deep satisfaction which stems from being a member in goodstanding with the Moles.  
NOTEWORTHY CONTRIBUTION TO MOLEDOM National President, Mole Mable Dillard, 1956-57 National President, Mole Dr. Velma Gibson Watts, 1999- 2003 National Treasurer, Mole Nellie Bausman, 1957-60 National Treasurer, Mole Mattie S. Clarke, 1986-89 National Chaplain, Mole Gwedolyn Ashley, 1967-70 National Publicity Chair, Mole Dr. Velma Gibson Watts, 1978- 82 National Scholarship Chair, Mole Dr. Velma Gibson Watts, 1990-93 Chair of the National Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, Mole Dr. Velma Gibson Watts, 1999- 2000 Chair of the National Committee on Chapter Enhancement, Mole Lisa Caldwell, Esq., 2001  
Winston-Salem Chapter          THE MOLES
During the Spring of 1953, Miss Elva V. James, a Professor of English at Winston-Salem Teachers College, now Winston-Salem State University was instrumental in establising the Seventh Chapter of Moledom.  With a sister who was a Mole in the Petersburg Chapter gave Elva an opportunity to know the type of persons who would qualify as “Mole Material.”  As a result of her efforts, the following ladies became charter members along with Elva: Marguerite Davenport, Mable Dilliard, Laura Fox, Mary (Coon) Hairston, Juanita Morrisey, Catherine Watson, Marian Wilson, and Lillian Lewis. The chapter was inducted by Mole Mamie Chiles who was at the time the National President.  She was assisted by Mole Maderline Peters.  Winston- Salem is exceedingly proud to have been sponsored by “The Mother Chapter” at Norfolk.  Several members of the Norkfolk Chapter were present at the Gala Festivities which marked the event, along with husbands and escorts which enhanced the joyous occasion. Among the earliest Presidents of the Winston-Salem Chapter were Marian Wilson and Mary (Coon) Hairston.  The Chapter flourised and in 1955, additional members were added to its roster.  Interchanging weekend parties with Roanoke and Charlotte further broadened the idea of sisterhood and mutual fellowship.  
Winston-Salem Chapter of The Moles
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